On your MFP

StratoQ runs as an embedded application on the touch panel of your MFD, just like an app would on your phone. We’re working with the major manufacturers to bring StratoQ to a copier near you.

Log in US / EU

No Infrastructure… no worries

All you need is an internet connection for the copier and a Google or Microsoft account. We automatically assign users to the correct customer and take care of keeping your user list active. Whether you've got tons of users and infrastructure or just a handful of Gmail accounts, we’ve got you covered.

StratoQ User interface on a computer

Control Center

You need to know who’s doing what, where, and when. Admins can get stats for all usage, and you can even set roles and quotas for users.

We track copies, faxes, direct IP prints, and scans, and you can access the admin portal anywhere you have an internet connection.

No more loooong passwords

Whether you’re tapping your HID card, using our mobile app, entering a secret PIN, or having your retinas scanned (OK…maybe not just yet…), StratoQ will immediately log the user into the device, so everything they do happens as them. Believe us, your users will thank you.

No mad dash to pick up print jobs

With StratoQ you print to one global virtual queue and release your jobs right at the touch panel of the MFD.

Users don’t need to worry about which office they’re in, which network they’re on, or even know what an IP address is. As long as they have our app and can find one of your copiers they’re good-to-go.